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The history and tradition of the family of Cosimo are inextricably linked to socio-cultural scenario wine. I Di Cosimo into the social and business reference, even if the activities resulting from the core wine now characterize a real "group" of companies operating in several sectors, are immediately identified and linked to the world of wine. This symbiosis makes the family living their daily activities in the worship of their own tradition, in the total involvement - each member for their skills - in the wine business. In fact, the "headquarters" of the group, despite the diversification of activities, resides within the establishment of Anagni which is the pride of the family in what is surely one of the establishments oenological most of the sector; bond with its tradition, in fact, if you have the guarantee of continuity in the choices of quality, has not dented the continuing tension renewal, adjustment and improvement of their production cycles. The best proof of such conduct is offered by customers which is a consolidated assets of Cosimo Di. The history of Cosimo Di is also a story of people and the charisma of its founder Joseph, the vision el'assonanza between brothers Dominic and Bruno who have developed intuitions to achieve over a two decade high of establishments oenological technological level, commitment and harmony of cousins Alvaro, Antonio, Pierpaolo and Cristiano fully and personally involved in all stages of the production process: selection and purchase of raw materials, production cycle, care of customers is a "corporate" (bottlers and wine merchants) and type "retail" (mass retailers, wholesalers and distributors organized).

Wine vinegar
Vinegar of apples

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